About FashionFacia
Fashionfacia is an advert and promotional platform with focus on Fashion Professionals and their creativity, and Fashionistas Styles(Dress Sense).
This platform is created to enhance connectivity in the world of Fashion between Fashionistas, Fashion Professionals and Brands. Also celebrating Fashionistas and Fashion Professionals through collation of votes from users globally.
You STAR with your STYLE.....Yafisu - C.E.O FashionFacia

It is one of the unique section on fashionfacia, designed for fashionistas to showcase their styles (dress sense) and vote or comment on them e.g. what they love, like or do not like about a style posted by any user. (The Ivote is the peoples voice, it gives users the opportunities to air their views by voting and commenting on styles).
Total votes from Ivote on a particular post determines its position on the Billlboard.

This section is designed to project to the public and users the name, country, date and time of the highest voted styles at a particular moment which could also become a new FASHION-TREND.
Note: Every second count on the BILLBOARD.
Anyone can LIVE on the BillBoard. We all have swags and our style is a MIRROR to the world.....
Yafisu - C.E.O FashionFacia

The media section is created only for Media use globally. It is open for post from Red Carpet, Fashion runway, interviews of FASHION PROFESSIONALS, FASHIONISTAS Styles etc.
Note: Only photos/styles of individual Fashionistas posted on the Ivote can get to the BILLBOARD.
No post on the Media section will appear on the BILLBOARD. The Media section is only for normal use by Media

It is a tool, uniquely designed for use by fashion professionals only e.g. (Designers...cloths, shoes, accessories and other Fashion Services to advertise their Brand(s), products, new collections etc to users whom are also prospective buyers directly.
Note: FashionFacia will not in anyway ask for a share of the amont generated from products sold through the WINDOWSHOP.

This is a section created to ease promotion of forthcoming Events